Meet our Guests Of Honor for AquatiFur 2023!

Fursewna Studios

Fursewna Studios is owned by a trans-masculine fursuit maker who goes by the name of Enochtus on most social media. Based about 50 miles south of Chicago, this 27 year old creates things like fursuits, plushies, kigurumies and other various works of art for over 6 years.

His motto is: “If you can dream it, I can figure it out after the third round of Caffeine!”


Wooper is a fulltime freelance artist who has been making art for the furry fandom for over 10 years! Going by Wooperworks on most platforms (and occasionally Rikkoshaye), she specializes in cute animals, sushi art, Pokemon, and generally anything adorable. When not working, Wooper enjoys reading, playing strategy games, cooking, going for hikes, and caring for her pet axolotls