Meet our Guests Of Honor for AquatiFur 2022!


Introducing SkitzyBean, also know as Skitzy or Acid, is a local Cheesehead and Anthtro/Fantasy Digital Artist who has been working in the furry scene as a self-taught freelancer since 2014. On her days off, she enjoys playing video games, gardening, and committing food crimes with her white feline accomplice: Timber!

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Cosmell Cosplay

Introducing CosmellCosplay, aka: Lotus, a 22 year old fursuit maker, cosplayer, illustrator, and general artist out of Detroit. She specializies in costume design and has been making costumes for over 10 years. When Lotus isn’t making fursuits, she can be found spending time with her two shelties, Cosmell and Cashew, or finding more ways to incorporate the color pink into her life!

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