AquatiFur 2022 COVID-19 Poll

To our AquatiFur attendees for 2022,


     While planning for our COVID-19 procedures for AquatiFur, the Board of AEIOU would like to know the community’s preferences for COVID-19 Mitigation. Please let us know which is more important to you.


     Please note that we will only be able to enforce our procedures within our Convention Spaces provided by the Hotel. These included Main Stage, Dealers Den, Panel Rooms, and other programming spaces. We are unable to enforce any procedures in Common areas of the Hotel (Hallways, Lobby, Hotel Rooms, etc). The hotel staff will also most likely not be wearing face coverings.


     Rest assured, no matter what, you are allowed to wear a mask anywhere on Chula Vista’s property. You are allowed to do so regardless of the procedure we go with. If someone harasses you for wearing a mask, please let our convention team know immediately. Harassment is Harassment and will not be tolerated.


    We will be compiling these results over the next few days and will be putting out an update to our policies after the poll closes on September 6th at 10PM CDT. We appreciate your input, and hope to see you at the con!

For a brief video from our Con Chair this year explaining all this, please see our video below:

Poll has closed, please check back later for results