Dealer's Den Application
Deadline is September 15th 2021


  • One Table
  • $100
  • Includes one registration for the dealer, and allows up to one assistant. Assistants must be registered separately.
  • Two Tables
  • $200
  • Includes one registration for the dealer, and allows up to two assistants. Assistants must be registered separately.
  • Three Tables
  • $300
  • Includes one registration for the dealer, and allows up to three assistants. Assistants must be registered separately.
  • Four Tables
  • $400
  • Includes one registration for the dealer, and allows up to four assistants. Assistants must be registered separately.

Dealer's Den FAQ

Yes. Only vendors approved as “Dealers” may be permitted to sell wares in the Dealer’s Room at AquatiFur.

Vendors must hold a current and valid Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax ID. This tax ID is required during final confirmation (we will ask for your Tax ID when you begin set-up of your table). Vendors are responsible for filing sales and use tax returns in accordance with Wisconsin State Law.

Tables only come with one (1) badge, regardless of how many tables you purchase. Please be sure to register any assistants with Denfur Registration. Please indicate in the badge name field the name of your booth/company. This will allow ease of attaching assistants badges to your table and allow us to pull these out of regular registration. Should you want a reprint of a badge with your fursona name/different name on it after you pick up your initial badge, head to registration and that can be taken care of during registration hours. 

No. The Dealer’s Den will be made available to dealers during “set up” and “take down”, as well as before and after the Dealer’s Den opens to the public. Only those attendees with badges that bear the “Dealer” mark are permitted into the dealer’s den outside of non-public hours.

Aquatifur does not permit vendors to display any sexually charged merchandise to the public. It must be hidden away (such as in an “Adults Only” binder), or censored (any graphics with genitals or breasts uncovered must be covered). Vendors are required to check the IDs of any customers interested in viewing or purchasing the sexual merchandise to ensure the customer is at least eighteen years old. Displays should be “PG” rated - remember, minors attend our convention! All merchandise sold or displayed by vendors must be in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.

NO Smoking or Vaping in the Dealer's Den.

Please don’t be overly loud or cause a disturbance to your neighbors. If you witness a dealer causing a disturbance, please report it to the Dealer’s Den staff.

Payments for tables are due within 30 days of invoice receipt. Dealers have have not paid by this time will be removed from the list of acceptances, and an appropriate waiting list dealer will be selected to take their place.

After purchase, Dealers Den table(s) are non-refundable, non transferable. Badges also bought with the Dealers Den table, similar to attendee badges, are also non-refundable and non-transferable. Any additional items such as electricity purchased for the table, should you not be able to attend and must cancel your booth, will be refunded.  

Table size is a 6x2ft & table Space will be at minimum 4ft from the table to the wall/dealer behind you.

You will need to apply as a single table and receive approval from our dealers department head to split it. If you desire to do so, please leave a note in the seating preference. 

Dealer's Den Application

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Aquatifur Dealer’s Den Terms and Conditions - Vendor Agreement

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