In the fandom since 2012 Phenod has worked to design custom inflatable vinyl pool toys to suit our furry world. While constantly negotiating for stronger seams and more variability in designs Phenod has pushed the limits of the art form and physics to a new level. Having created toys that will stand up to the abuse that only a fursuiter can dishout. These toys are also the only fursuiter sized objects you can find at a convention. While previously a consultant in 2016 he started to run his own company with his first production being a 7 foot Deer toy. In 2018 however the CampFire in Butte county California almost took that away when his home and much of the business was destroyed by fire. Thanks to support from the furry fandom and the inflatable fandom Phenod was able to make a comeback. As thanks for this, PhenodToy actively works with conventions US wide to host panels, spreading the joy that can only come from hugging an 8 foot unicorn or lounging on a massive inflatable dragon.

Phenod toy is now one of the largest producers of custom inflatable toys for the furry fandom focused on opening up the art medium to anyone who wants a copy of their pool toy self.