Hello, Zerda here!
I am announcing the launch of the new Aquatifur 2019 website! That's right, we changed the design again. The layout is mostly the same, but I am here to walk you through some of the new changes. Having any trouble with the site? Drop me a PM by visiting my profile here: https://aquatifur.com/community/375-zerda.html

 Main Menu

The main menu is no longer hidden under the "burger button" you can now see all navigation options from the default view. However, mobile users will still see the old style menu, it just fits on those tiny phone screens better.

Everything else is in the same location, but you might notice the forum is missing. We removed the forum since it was not very useful and replaced it with full community access on the community page.

 Community Page

You can now make posts directly on the community page! Post anything you like within the rules of the website. From the community page you will be able to see new users, make friends, start group chats for your hotel room mates and more. Upload your convention photos in the photo gallery, or directly from the status post, it kinda operates like facebook. Feel free to explore all the new features.

From the community dashboard you can also see new announcements and changes to the site, if you have any questions, you may leave a comment on them there. As always, the best way to get a hold of the Aquatifur staff will be on the contact us page.

 That about wraps things up, if you have any questions, feel free to PM me using the link I left above, or comment on this post below. Stay tuned for future announcements by subscribing!