Hello! Zerda here again to announce that our digital schedule is live! Create an account on the Aquatifur website or sign in with Twitter or Facebook. You will be able to RSVP for events to get reminders and hour before they take place. You will never miss your favorite panels, guest, or charity events!


You can even filter by category, so if you want to see all the GOH panels, just select the GOH category. Select to RSVP to any event to get a reminder before it takes place. You will also get notifications if an event is canceled or the time is changed.

Before the event you can post in the discussion section, and invite your friends to come along with you. When the event is over, feel free to upload pictures for everyone to see!

*Note: RSVP is not required to attend an event, not does it guarantee your attendance to the event. 18+ events will require you to present ID in order to attend. 

Emails for reminders are dispatched from PHXdragon.com, an email server used by Corgi Events.

Con Book

Lose your con book and prefer to use that? Here is a download for you!