Updated November 2018

Welcome to AquatiFur! We ask that you read the code of conduct as you are responsible as a badge holder and attendee to follow and display all the codes as stated below. The code of conduct applies to all badge holders and attendees who are and will be attending this event, before, during, and after the official starting and ending times. This includes the location hosting AquatiFur, Chula Vista Resort and Waterpark. The function and event spaces specifically designated for AquatiFur are for the benefit of the badge holders and attendees only. Only the legal badge holder should have their designated badge. There is no transferring or sharing of badges allowed. Badges must be visible for any AquatiFur event admission. The badges are property of the AquatiFur event, and will be shown or relinquished by any AquatiFur staff on order.

Rules and Regulations

To help keep the resort and event clean, happy, and safe, we ask that as a badge holder and attendee you follow the resort’s rules. Per Wisconsin Statute Chapter 944.15 and 944.20, all attendees and badge holders are required to wear clothing that is not suggestive, obscene, or indecent.

The list below states all that are specifically off limits:

  • No unmanned aerial vehicles, flying cameras, or drones are allowed on property.
  • No sleeping in any common areas such as the lobbies, hallways, and other public spaces.
  • No skateboards, hoverboards, scooters or any similar items are allowed on property.
  • No outside food or drink is allowed in the waterpark.
  • No gear of impersonation outfits are allowed. This includes any amount of tactical gear, hotel staff, EMS, firefighters, or law enforcement.
  • No objects are to be thrown off of any floors.
  • No derogatory remarks or displays are allowed.
  • No bare feet in the convention space. This is allowed elsewhere in the hotel areas outside of the theme park.
  • Any form of hate, provoking, or harassing clothing articles are not allowed. This includes, but not limited to, armbands, headbands, shirts, pants, shoes, fursuits, costumes, and any props.

Per Wisconsin State Statute 101.123 Wisconsin Act 12, smoking is not allowed in any enclosed areas. No smoking is allowed in any of the rooms, hallways, or common areas. You may smoke outside away from doors, in marked areas, and balconies.

As stated by the Americans with Disabilities Act 28 CFR 36.104, animals with the exception of service animals are not allowed on Chula Vista Property.


AquatiFur does not allow harassment of any kind. AquatiFur is committed to bringing a harassment-free and safe event for all to enjoy. We would want all badge holders, volunteers, staff, and guests to have an enjoyable experience aside from what your age, race, occupation, gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, disability, or personal belief may be. If you feel you are being harassed, please contact any staff member of AquatiFur, as soon as you are able to do so.

Harassment is a serious violation of the code of conduct and will not be tolerated.

Please respect other’s wishes.


Parents and/or guardians must be present for those under the age of 13. The parents and/or guardians are also aware that they are responsible for the behavior, actions and charges of the minor. Minors may not reserve a room.

Convention Security

Please note that Chula Vista does have its own security and will direct any convention related issues to the convention security. However, in the event of an emergency, Chula Vista’s security and/or convention security can call 911 if requested. The convention security’s responsibility is for the badge holder and attendees. Any concerns about the code of conduct or safety for the convention can be directed to AquatiFur’s convention security team. Any issues about staff can be brought to the directors and the convention head.


All sales of merchandise must remain in Dealer’s Den or Artist Alley. All vendors must already be approved by, and under, AquatiFur’s Terms and Conditions on vendors. Sales are restricted outside of these areas without prior approval of AquatiFur or the Chula Vista.

Alcohol & Controlled Substances

AquatiFur is a no-tolerance convention. You must be 21 years of age to consume alcohol.

Under Wisconsin State Statute 961, any badge holder, attendee, or staff found with possession of illegal substances, selling illegal substances, or distributing illegal substances will be reported to local authorities and have their badge removed.

Under Wisconsin State Statute 125.07, no underage drinking is allowed. All attendees and badge holders are to abide by Wisconsin State Laws.

Weapons and Props

Here at AquatiFur, we believe in a safe environment for all of our attendees and our staff. As such we have no-tolerance rules for props.

  • No peace bonding.
  • No live steel or full metal props. Any swords must be made of plastic or wood. If purchased from a vendor, it must be kept within the box in your registered room, for the duration of the convention.
  • No realistic firearms of any kind. Real firearms or replica firearms of any kind are not allowed, period. This includes live ammunition or deactivated ammunition. If it looks real, it will not be allowed.
  • No strung bows allowed. Bows that bend with draw are not allowed. They must be strung with a non-securing line. Fishing line, sturdy rope, and shoestring are not acceptable.
  • Costumes and fursuits may not extend from the body or suit more than 8” (inches) from the persons. If it does, it must come apart from the suit or fold in a way to meet 8” inches rule. Doing so blocks fire exits. Use best judgment when you design or bring your costume.
  • No sharp protrusions, meaning no spikes or sharp edges. Flat studs are ok, large spikes are not, especially those made of metal.
  • No projectiles allowed. This includes nerf darts, BBs, foam disks, firearm ammunition, and/or arrows.

Please keep in mind, these are safety factors for other attendees and badge holders as well as yourself.


At AquatiFur we welcome all furries to enjoy and relax here. With that being said, we have our code of conduct for safety, and security for all who attend. Failure to abide by these rules results in one of the following (in no particular order):

  • Warning
  • Confiscation of badge and retraction of membership
  • Referral to resort security
  • Referral to local law enforcement

Any badge holder or attendee that has their membership revoked is barred from registering to any and all AquatiFur events. If the badge holder or attendee is removed from the resort’s premises, their membership will also be voided.

The administrative staff has the final right to deny and allow memberships. If the individual would like to send in a proposal for renewal of their membership they may do so by emailing the convention chair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


All badge holders and attendees must remember to be courteous when filming or photographing other individuals, badge holders, attendees, and fursuiters. We ask as a general common sense rule that you ask for said person(s) consent before filming or photographing them. We encourage tasteful media to promote the event.

No personal video, photography, or image capture is allowed in the Artist Alley and Dealer’s Den locations. No photography, videography, or filming is allowed in the convention spaces for sole purposes of sale, mass media, or publication. Solicitation is not allowed in these areas. AquatiFur staff has the right to deny access to any person(s) looking to film, photograph, or image capture in AquatiFur event space.

All media, image capturers, and journalists must present and display their legally acquired AquatiFur press badge. Failure to do so will result in denied entrance to AquatiFur events. All media or press without a press badge are prohibited from performing interviews, taking photographs, audio, or videos.

“AquatiFur” is a registered service mark of Corgi Events LLC. “AquatiFur” will not, in the opinion of Corgi Events LLC, be used in any image, recording or audio that misrepresents or defames the service mark. Any means to defame or misrepresent “AquatiFur” will be met with legal action.


The code of conduct for AquatiFur is effective as 09-22-2017. Corgi Events LLC reserves the right to change and modify these rules at any time without given notice.


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