Hours of Operation

AquatiFur this year is being held Friday, October 20th beginning at 4pm and going until 6-7pm Sunday, October 22nd. This allows for you to get the full experience of not only AquatiFur but of the Chula Vista Resort as well! Check-in time for the Chula Vista resorts is 3pm. However, If you arrive early (at Noon) you can get access to your waterpark passes then and they are valid through 10pm of your checkout!

Example of an ideal AquatiFur getaway:

  • Thursday: Check-In @Noon to obtain waterpark passes
    • (You get free waterpark passes when you book a room at the Chula Vista for the duration of your booked stay!)
  • Thursday: 4pm, check into you room
  • Thursday: Enjoy the waterpark until 9pm and the Indoor Theme Park (bowling, and arcades until Midnight!
  • Friday: Enjoy the park some more until 4-6pm when most the AquatiFur activities open up!
  • Saturday: Enjoy AquatiFur!
  • Sunday: Enjoy AquatiFur! After 6pm, enjoy the waterpark until 9pm!
  • Monday: (If you stay until Monday): Check out at 11am, enjoy what the Chula Vista has to offer ALL DAY UNTIL 9PM (or when you drive/fly/train/teleport home :D)

Checking in Friday and out Sunday? No worries! Enjoy what the Chula Vista has to offer Friday Noon to 6pm and Sunday 6pm- Midnight and during non-peak times of AquatiFur as you see fit!

Hours of Operation
  • Dealers Den
    • Friday 4pm-8pm
    • Saturday 10am-6pm
    • Sunday 10am-4pm
  • Main Events
    • Friday 8pm-12am
    • Saturday 10am-2am
    • Sunday 10am-6pm
  • Panels
    • Friday 5pm-12am
    • Saturday 10am-12am
    • Sunday 10am-6pm
  • Fursuit Lounge
    • Friday 4pm-12am
    • Saturday 10am-1am
    • Sunday 10am-6pm
  • Sponsor Lounge
    • Friday 5pm-12am
    • Saturday 10am-12am
    • Sunday 10am-4pm
  • Registration
    • Friday 4pm-10pm
    • Saturday 9am-8pm
    • Sunday 9am-3pm
  • Con Ops
    • Open 5pm Friday
    • Open 24/7 until
    • 6pm Sunday